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    Policy statements

    E-Government Act Brandenburg

    Second Amendment Act (Drs.7/8080)

    The state government of Brandenburg wants to incorporate open data into the legal framework by amending the existing law. However, the OKF considers the …

    Henriette Litta, Dénes Jäger

    policy statements

    Hesse Open Data Act (HODaG)

    The provision of open data is a central element in the implementation of open government and a key prerequisite for transparency, accountability and …

    Henriette Litta, Dénes Jäger

    policy statements

    E-Government Act of Hesse

    The draft law essentially deals with the implementation of the digital provision of administrative services in state law, which has become mandatory as a result …

    Henriette Litta, Dénes Jäger


    Funding for Future

    Ein Handbuch des Prototype Fund

    In this handbook, the Prototype Fund offers a case study of open source software to demonstrate how individuals and small teams can benefit from unbureaucratic …

    Patricia Leu


    Sovereign Tech Fund - Feasibility Study

    In the study the authors examined the needs and possibilities for a funding program to strengthen open digital infrastructure. The idea for a fund is based, …

    Adriana Groh, Katharina Meyer, Fiona Krakenbürger, Eileen Wagner