Since our launch in 2011, our funding is based on project work. Our projects are financed by a variety of changing private and public funding institutions. In addition, we generate income via donations and to a small degree via economic activities. In the financial year 2021, we raised more than 2.504 million euros for our work. This was offset by total expenditure of 2.164 million euros.

    Development of total revenue

    Expenses 2021

    Personnel costs are by far the largest expense item. Our excellent team is our most important resource. In addition, non-personnel costs as well as tax payments are incurred every year. Most of the expenditure is project-related. We try to keep the administrative costs of the organization low . They include, for example, material costs for rent, finances, insurances and technical infrastructure.

    This year, OKF employs an average of 27 people, many of them part-time. We are very pleased that the share of female employees at OKF is more than 57%.

    Revenues 2021

    The majority (75%) of our income comes from project-related grants. In addition, there is growing donation income amounting to approximately 19% of our income. Most of the donations are addressed to FragDenStaat. Additionally, Jugend hackt, Code for Germany and OKF DE as a whole record donations. Furthermore, we generated about 6% of our income from economic income sources. Sponsoring currently accounts for less than 1% of our funds.

    *Organisation does not want to be named publicly, but may be disclosed upon inquiry

    Projects financed by individual donations or based on voluntary work

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    Our projects emerge from a solution-oriented as well as idealistic attitude, and are often initiated by volunteer activities.

    Individual donations enable our continued work, keep us independent and support the sustainability of our efforts. Help us by donating today!


    • Notice of Exemption [DE]

      The notice of exemption is issued by the tax office for corporations and indicates that we are tax-privileged.

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    • Balance Sheets / Profit and Loss Statements [DE]

      In 2018, we decided to switch our accounting method to balance sheets, and in addition, we voluntarily provide the notes to the financial statements and the management report.

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    • Audit Reports [DE]

      Beginning in 2018, our annual financial statements including notes and managment reports are now voluntarily audited.

      2021 , 2020 , 2019 , 2018