We are 33 activists, policy specialists & developers

    • adrianagroh

      Adriana Groh

      Project Lead Prototype Fund

      Adriana is the head of the Prototype Fund and responsible for the further development of the program, the Prototype Fund network and project controlling. She studied Public Policy and Democratic Innovations in Maastricht and did research on participation in the EU. Previously she was a Fellow at LaunchBase Incubator and Social Impact Lab Frankfurt. After her studies she founded the project Wepublic and started a Civic-Tech-App for the federal election 2017 at the Code for Germany Wahlsalon event.

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    • arnesemsrott

      Arne Semsrott

      Project management FragDenStaat

      Arne leads FragDenStaat.de and is an expert in the domain of Freedom of Information (FOI). With a background in political science, he also works as a freelance journalist and engages with other NGOs in topics related to transparency and lobbyism, e.g. for LobbyControl and the Whistleblower Network.

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    • belaseeger

      Bela Seeger

      Project lead Turing-Bus

      Bela works at the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany as project lead of the educational projects “DatenmachenSchule” and “Turing-Bus”. As a sociologist of technology he is interested in social transformation processes in the fields of Open Knowledge, Open Source, Open Hardware and Open Education, in which civil society actors become active co-creators.

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    • elisalindinger

      Elisa Lindinger

      Team & Organizational Development

      Elisa is currently responsible for team coordination and organisational development. Elisa has been with OKF since 2016. She worked on the Digital Refugee Labs of Code for Germany and led the Prototype Fund. Elisa has studied prehistoric archaeology, but has always been involved in IT projects in the cultural field, supported and scientifically accompanied international archaeological projects and technical communities.

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    • ernestoruge

      Ernesto Ruge

      Developer OParl

      Ernesto supervises and develops the projects Politik bei Uns and OParl and therefore the topic local transparency and local government information systems. Additionally, he works with mobility data / renewable energy sources and administrates the OKF-DE blogfarm. He works as a self-employed consultant and developer.

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    • EvaHolzheimer

      Eva Holzheimer

      Regional Coordination Jugend hackt Lab Fürstenberg/Havel

      Eva is part of the Jugend hackt team and responsible for the coordination of one the first Jugend hackt labs. Next to her work as a social worker she is part of open makerspace in Brandenburg where she focuses on the exchange between knowledge and culture.

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    • jasminhelm

      Jasmin Helm

      Project management Datenschule

      Jasmin studied sociology at Potsdam University and supports the project “Datenschule” since October 2016. The handling of data in a responsible way is a main concern for her.


    • judithdoleschal

      Judith Doleschal

      Projectmanager FragDenStaat.de

      Judith is part of the FragDenStaat team and responsible for community management and fundraising.


    • julianekrueger

      Juliane Krüger

      Management assistance

      Juliane works for the OKF as assistance to the management and suppports the Demokratielabore project with their finances. She is also part of the Bits&Bäume team organising a conference for digitalization and sustainability in Berlin.


    • katharinameyer

      Katharina Meyer

      Strategy Prototype Fund

      Katharina is responsible for strategy and outreach at Prototype Fund. She is a historian of technology, conducts research on social development environments and curates knowledge and (art) objects for museums, projects or conferences. In 2016 Katharina co-founded the project Polynocular Tech Lab, which investigates and promotes transdisciplinary approaches in hardware, software and process development and was a Fellow at the Center for Advanced Internet Studies with this project.

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    • leapfau

      Lea Pfau

      Student assistant FragDenStaat

      Lea has been working for the OKF since September 2017, first for the Demokratielabore and since May 2019 for FragDenStaat and the Volksentscheid Transparenz. She studies Political Science at the FU Berlin and, working with the European Youth Parliament, explores the significance of media in policial youth education.

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    • leonardwolf

      Leonard Wolf

      Student assistant Demokratielabore

      Leonard Wolf already supported the team of Jugend hackt as an intern and photographer during the planning and realization of the Berlin event in 2015. After graduating from school in July 2016, he began his Bundesfreiwilligendienst at the Open Knowledge Foundation and worked for Frag Den Staat and Jugend hackt. Since September 2017, Leonard has been working as a student assistant in the Demokratielabore. His personal interest lies in photography and communication sciences.

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    • lisapassing

      Lisa Passing

      Developer Datenschule

      Lisa entered the OKF in April 2018 as developer. She likes privacy.

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    • lydiaboettcher

      Lydia Böttcher

      Project management Demokratielabore

      Lydia is project lead for the program Demokratielabore. Her interest in youth participation and political education grew with a lot of practical experiences besides her educational science studies at the Free University Berlin. The coordination of various volunteer services with a focus on participation filled a couple of years in her working life. Together with a group of freelancers, she founded the stuhlkreis_revolte, a collective for emancipatory educational work and process management.

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    • marie_g

      Marie Gutbub

      Program Manager & Events Prototype Fund

      Marie is in charge of program management and events at Prototype Fund. She has previously worked as a freelance journalist, campaigner, communications officer, infosec trainer and event organizer for various journalism, privacy and open source projects.

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    • maximilianricht

      Maximilian Richt

      Developer kleineAnfragen

      Maximilian created kleineAnfragen.de and sehrgutachten.de. For the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany he works on a voluntary basis from Southern Germany, where he lives.

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    • maximilianvoigt

      Maximilian Voigt

      Project management Edulabs, Demokratielabore

      Maximilian Voigt supports the project edulabs as an assistent. Further more he campaigns for fabrication laboratories, is engaged in physical computing and supports free education. Before his work at the OKF he co founded the FabLab Cottbus e.V., studied technical journalism, public relations and culture and technology. His master thesis was about the educational potential of open workshops.

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    • michaelpeters

      Michael Peters

      Project management Code for Germany, Open Government Netzwerk

      Michael organises the Code For Germany community and works together with the OK Labs on useful applications around open data. He also coordinates the Open Government Civil Society Network, which advocates for more Open Government in Germany. Michael studied economics (M.Sc.) and political science (B.A.) and is particularly interested in digital policy issues. He has been with the Open Knowledge Foundation since 2016.

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    • nadinestammen

      Nadine Stammen


      Nadine is an information and interface designer and has been working for OKF since 2017. Previously she worked for several years in a web agency and for the non-profit association Liquid Democracy. In projects with Transparency International, OCCRP, the Mercator Foundation or the City of Berlin, she worked on supporting social change with digital technologies and media.

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    • paulaglaser

      Paula Grünwald (geb. Glaser)

      Project management Jugend hackt

      Paula is working for “Demokratielabore” and for “Jugend hackt”. “Jugend hackt” was part of her master thesis on Media and Education at the PH Freiburg. Previously, she worked for the Fraunhofer Institute and has filmed documentaries. Paula finds Open Data interesting and important because it stimulates active democratic participation.

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    • philipsteffan

      Philip Steffan

      Project management Jugend hackt

      Philip joined Open Knowledge Foundation Germany in August 2018 as the new Community Manager of Jugend hackt. He’s always loved to connect, communicate and explain and has played an important part in the German Maker community in the past years as a makerspace founder, blogger, tech journalist and curator of Maker Faires.

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    • saadyawindauer

      Saadya Windauer

      Project management Jugend hackt

      Saadya has been working for the Open Knowledge Foundation since January 2017 and is a projekt manager at the Jugend hackt.


    • sonjafischbauer

      Sonja Fischbauer

      Project lead Jugend hackt

      Sonja works as project lead for Jugend hackt, where she also coordinates fundraising. She studied archaeology and has worked at excavations as well as in museum education, before she traded her shovel for a laptop: As a freelance consultant since 2014, Sonja coordinated multiple community-projects in the field of technology and Free Knowledge, organised hackathons and developed diversity-measures. Since 2018 she’s part of the team at Open Knowledge Foundation Germany in Berlin.

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    • stefanwehrmeyer

      Stefan Wehrmeyer

      Developer FragDenStaat

      Since 2009 Stefan Wehrmeyer promotes Open Data and he started the Freedom of Information (FOI) portal FragDenStaat.de in 2011.

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    • thomasfriese

      Thomas Friese

      Program Manager Prototype Fund

      Maintains and evaluates the Prototype Fund’s funded projects, monitors their progress and, in particular, advises the Prototype Fund team and funded coders on technological issues. Thomas is a generalist, autodidact and most recently worked as a system administrator, developer and development operator.

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    • walterpalmetshofer

      Walter Palmetshofer

      Project management

      Walter is an economist by training and has been involved in the domain of Netzpolitik for many years. He is project lead of the EU research project Open Data Incubator (ODINE), the Digitaler Offenheitsindex [do:index], and supervises the Open Data Census. He worked as a system administrator in NYC, before moving to Berlin, where he co-founded a start-up in 2012.

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