We are 37 activists, policy specialists & developers

    • unknown

      Aiko Kempen

      Investigative Journalist FragDenStaat


    • anneware

      Anne Ware

      Program lead Jugend hackt

      Anne is responsible for fundraising at Jugend hackt. She has a degree in political and social sciences and has previously worked as a project manager and coach for youth participation and community programs.


    • arnesemsrott

      Arne Semsrott

      Project management FragDenStaat

      Arne leads FragDenStaat.de and is an expert in the domain of Freedom of Information (FOI). With a background in political science, he also works as a freelance journalist and engages with other NGOs in topics related to transparency and lobbyism, e.g. for LobbyControl and the Whistleblower Network.

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    • christinawillems

      Christina Willems

      Project Manager Policy and Open Data

      Christina is a project manager for policy and open data. She studied political science in Cologne and Trier and is particularly interested in the democratic potential of (digital) technologies.


    • denesjaeger

      Dénes Jäger

      Project coordinator policy and open data

      Dénes is project coordinator for policy and open data. He works as a freelance journalist and has several years of experience as data researcher in the field of digital political monitoring.


    • daniel_wessolek_

      Dr. Daniel Wessolek

      Project Manager Open Hardware

      Daniel is passionate about the intersection of open hardware and open workshops. For the Open Knowledge Foundation, he works as a project manager on a prototype fund hardware as part of the MoFab project. As an interaction designer with a PhD, he is also active for other NGOs and is involved in assistive technologies for people who are deaf, for example.

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    • henriette

      Dr. Henriette Litta

      Managing Director

      Henriette is Managing Director of OKF Germany. She is a political scientist.


    • unknown

      Dr. Vivian Kube



    • felizitasfauther

      Felizitas Fauther

      Student Assistant at Prototype Fund

      Feli works as a student assistant with a focus in communication at the Prototype Fund. She supports Patricia in communicating with the funded projects and in the Prototype Fund. Feli is studying cultural science and is an intercultural tutor. Apart from that, she is also dancing.


    • francescagiacco

      Francesca Giacco

      Student Assistant at Prototype Fund

      Francesca is a student assistant with a focus on tech in the Prototype Fund. She manages the funded projects and helps with the organisation of events. She is pursuing her Master’s degree in Data Science for Public Policy and has previously studied Economics and Social Sciences.

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    • giulianorberti

      Giulia Norberti

      Giulia supports the management in bookkeeping, finances, accounting and general chaos management


    • unknown



      Gregor supports us and our projects as Devops and system administrator. He works on facilitating open source software in business context.


    • hannahvos

      Hannah Vos

      lawyer FragDenStaat

      Hannah is with the OKF since March 2021 and part of FragDenStaat’s legal team.


    • unknown

      Isa Lachmann

      PR FragDenStaat


    • joramschwartzmann

      Joram Schwartzmann

      Communication officer at Prototype Fund

      Joram works as a communication officer at Prototype Fund. He creates text and audio and helps with organizing events. Joram used to research plant protein biochemistry and is now an avid podcast and science communicator.

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    • judithdoleschal

      Judith Doleschal

      Projectmanager FragDenStaat.de

      Judith is part of the FragDenStaat team and responsible for community management and fundraising.


    • karlengelhardt

      Karl Engelhardt

      Student Assistant at FragDenStaat

      Karl is studying computer science and is a software developer at FragDenStaat.

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    • leapfau

      Lea Pfau

      Campaigner FragDenStaat

      Lea has been working for the OKF since September 2017, first for the Demokratielabore and since May 2019 for FragDenStaat and the Volksentscheid Transparenz. She is doing her Master of Public Policy at the Hertie School. Working with the European Youth Parliament, she explores the significance of media in policial youth education. She also likes going to events, giving workshops or shooting videos.

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    • leoniegehrke

      Leonie Gehrke (Elternzeit)

      Press and public relations FragDenStaat

      Leonie works for FragDenStaat where she manages press and public relations. Before, the political and media scientist worked as a spokesperson for multiple years and was responsible for brand development and various campaigns at an NGO.

    • lisa_jahn

      Lisa Jahn

      Project management Jugend hackt

      Lisa supports Jugend hackt as project manager for events. Previously, she worked for a research museum on participation processes and formats as well as for various cultural institutions and projects.


    • unknown

      Luisa Izuzquiza

      Brussels Liaison Officer FragDenStaat


    • marie_g

      Marie Gutbub

      Co-Director Prototype Fund

      Marie manages the Prototype Fund together with Patricia. She is also in charge of managing the projects during their funding period. She studied cultural journalism and researched new models for online journalism platforms. Since then, she has worked as a freelance journalist, campaigner, communications officer, infosec trainer and event organizer for various projects in journalism, privacy and open source.

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    • maxk

      Max Kronmüller

      Student Assistant at FragDenStaat.de

      Max works at FragDenStaat as Student Assistant, where he previously also completed his year of voluntary service.

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    • maximilianvoigt

      Maximilian Voigt

      Project management Prototype Fund Hardware

      Maximilian Voigt works on projects in the field of open education. Further more he campaigns for fabrication laboratories, is engaged in physical computing and supports free education. Before his work at the OKF he co founded the FabLab Cottbus e.V., studied technical journalism, public relations and culture and technology. His master thesis was about the educational potential of open workshops.

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    • melekbazgan

      Melek Bazgan

      Research FragDenStaat

      Melek unterstützt FragDenStaat als studentische Hilfskraft und recherchiert unter anderem zu Frontex. Sie studiert Soziokulturelle Studien in Frankfurt (Oder).


    • unknown

      Monica Phương Thúy Nguyễn

      PR FragDenStaat


    • nina

      Nina Schröter

      program leads Jugend hackt

      Nina has been responsible for the events ath Jugend hackt since the beginning of 2020. Prior to her time at Jugend hackt, she spent many years designing and supporting participation processes.


    • unknown

      Nora Titz

      Junior Community Editor at Code for Germany

      Nora’s responsibilities as a junior community editor include telling the small and big success stories of the diverse Code for Germany community. She is doing her bachelor’s degree in political science at the FU Berlin.


    • patricialeu

      Patricia Leu (Elternzeit)

      Co-Director Prototype Fund

      Patricia manages the Prototype Fund together with Marie. She is also responsible for the communication of the Prototype Fund and for the management of the funding projects. She studied religion and culture in Berlin and did research on medial discourse hegemony. Previously, she worked in the campaign and communication teams of various NGOs and was responsible for the press and public relations of an association.


    • petra

      Petra Balint

      Assistance of Managing Director

      Petra supports the Managing Director and our projects in finance- and project management. She has previously worked as a project manager for various human rights, administrative modernization and open source projects.


    • philipsteffan

      Philip Steffan

      Project management Jugend hackt

      Philip joined Open Knowledge Foundation Germany in August 2018 as the new Community Manager of Jugend hackt. He’s always loved to connect, communicate and explain and has played an important part in the German Maker community in the past years as a makerspace founder, blogger, tech journalist and curator of Maker Faires.

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    • sonjafischbauer

      Sonja Fischbauer

      Organisational Development & Community Strategy

      Sonja works as specialist for organizational development and community strategy in the management team. As part of that role, she manages collaboration with the civic tech network Code for Germany. From 2018 to 2020, she was a program manager for Jugend hackt.

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    • SophiaSchulzeSchleithoff

      Sophia Schulze Schleithoff

      Accompanying Research Prototype Fund

      Sophia has been responsible for conducting accompanying research and for organising events at the Prototype Fund since January 2023. She studied politics, economics, and philosophy in Hamburg.


    • stefanwehrmeyer

      Stefan Wehrmeyer

      Developer FragDenStaat

      Since 2009 Stefan Wehrmeyer promotes Open Data and he started the Freedom of Information (FOI) portal FragDenStaat.de in 2011.

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    • unknown

      Tiziana Saab

      Volunteer FragDenStaat


    • veradelejahotko

      Vera Deleja-Hotko

      Investigations/Research FragDenStaat

      Vera is an investigative journalist and manages journalistic research at FragDenStaat. Before, she worked as a freelance journalist mainly on the topics of migration, right-wing extremism, and social injustices for German, Austrian and Swiss media. She was part of the team working on the publication of the Ibiza-Video as well as the Frontex Files.

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    • walterpalmetshofer

      Walter Palmetshofer

      Project management

      Walter is an economist by training and has been involved in the domain of Netzpolitik for many years. He is project lead of the EU research project Open Data Incubator (ODINE), the Digitaler Offenheitsindex [do:index], and supervises the Open Data Census. He worked as a system administrator in NYC, before moving to Berlin, where he co-founded a start-up in 2012.

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    • jochenklar

      Dr. Jochen Klar

      IT Infrastructure Volunteer

      Jochen develops software in the scientific environment and works in various projects to professionally capture and store research data and to make it freely accessible via the Internet. Jochen supports the OKF team on a voluntary basis: he administrates the community server. He is also active in the Code for Germany network and co-organises the OK Lab Berlin.

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    • ernestoruge

      Ernesto Ruge

      IT Infrastructure Volunteer

      Ernesto is the founder and owner of binary butterfly, a software company specializing in web applications for transport and Open Data. Ernesto supports the OKF team in a volunteer capacity: He maintains the servers of the Wordpress blogfarm, housing numerous websites of OKF projects. When not tending to our websites, Ernesto is active in the Code for Germany network. As a volunteer developer he created the Civic Tech platforms Politik-bei-uns.de and mein-stadtarchiv.de. Ernesto also co-developed the data interface OParl, which benefits local government.

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    • maximilianricht

      Maximilian Richt

      IT Infrastructure Volunteer

      Maxi supports the OKF team in a volunteer capacity: As a software developer and Open enthusiast he has worked on many OKF projects. His experience and expertise are greatly valued by our tech team, who regularly turn to Maxi for consultation and hands-on help. Maxi has developed and deployed numerous Civic Tech and Open Source applications, with a passion for mobility and transport Open Data. As an active member of the volunteer network Code for Germany, he has developed Civic Tech platforms including kleineAnfragen.de and sehrgutachten.de.

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