Positions of the F5-Alliance on the 2024 European Elections

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    The European Union has established itself as a pioneer in digital policy. Over the past five years, important laws have been introduced to curb the power of big tech companies and to strengthen human rights in the digital world. At the same time, European digital policy is still too often driven by technical trends and profit-oriented interests. The focus on the common good is lost.

    In the F5-Alliance, we are convinced that the vision of an open, free, reliable, sustainable and secure internet as well as innovative developments that serve real social needs can only be realized through a digital policy that focuses on the common good. The protection of democratic structures, the promotion of digital public commons, the consistent observance of human rights and the prioritization of the needs of Internet users, media professionals and vulnerable and marginalized groups in the digital age must be at the heart of European digital policy.

    In our policy paper on the 2024 EU elections, we discuss the measures and laws that need to be implemented in order to fulfill those goals.

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