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    Civic Tech brings together digital innovations with governments and administrations to create new and better opportunities for citizens. Civic Tech applications, tools and services are in many cases powered by Open Data.

    The idea behind Civic Tech is simple: combine the untapped potential between state and civil society with the potential for technology to help us cope with everyday life and to offer new opportunities to interact and network.

    Civic Tech is developed by citizens, for citizens. These “Civic Hackers” are volunteer developers, designers and data enthusiasts with broad technical expertise. The software programs, devices and platforms they create simplify citizens’ everyday lives or improve communication and networking between citizens, communities, politicians and administrations. They give society better access to information and strengthen public discourse. One outcome of this is to enable greater political participation; another, to promote government transparency, which leads to accountability (see also: Open Government).

    In line with the open source approach, these tools are made freely available to the public. Others can use them and further develop them according to their specific needs, without having to take into account conditions or restrictions imposed by governments or companies.

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