Verschlüsselung von Behördenwebsites überprüfen! shows how many government websites support encryption via HTTPS. Why is website encryption important?

    Any unencrypted transmission of data can be intercepted on the Internet and thus manipulated. Therefore, it is obvious that any transmission of sensitive data, such as orders in online shops, online banking, or logins to websites with non-public content should always be encrypted. For the user this means: when in doubt you should always check in your browser whether an encrypted transmission is displayed there. Serious and professional providers will not request data from the customer via unencrypted channels.

    But encryption also makes sense for the transmission of normal web content. Encryption ensures that the user only receives the data they have requested. Not only can unencrypted data be manipulated, but malware can also be inserted into the data on public WiFi, for example. And last but not least, encryption generally makes it difficult to spy on user behaviour.