Transparency for EU agricultural subsidies

    FarmSubsidy facilitates access to information on how the EU spends its subsidies on agricultural policy. The aim is to obtain detailed data on payments and beneficiaries of agricultural subsidies in each EU Member State, and to make this data available in a way that is useful for European citizens.

    In 2017, we took over the project on a voluntary basis in order to guarantee the continuity of the project. We are responsible for the cleansing, compilation, and presentation of the data received. We also provide training and analysis of the data.

    The project has a long history. It was established in 2003 when Danish journalists Nils Mulvad and Kjeld Hansen made a number of requests for information to the Danish Ministry of Agriculture, and for the first time in Europe received data on the recipients of EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) subsidies. The first media coverage showed that the EU’s presentation - that its CAP subsidies support the poorest farmers - is flawed for Denmark: large landowners and large agricultural enterprises are the main recipients.