Do good with data. Learn how to use data.

    The Data School is a nationwide educational program on the subject of data and technologies. We mainly target non-profit organisations that work with data, or alternatively want to deepen their existing data knowledge. Within a cooperation period of about three months, we developed practice-oriented workshops and individualized technical training courses with our partners and trainers to support social projects.

    We want non-profit organisations:

    • to encourage targeted use of data and technology in their work.

    • to enable digital tools and data as an additional source of information for research, project and organisational development.

    • to enable people to participate in evidence-based public debates with data-backed projects.

    The use of digital technologies for innovative and modern social or political work is the focus of this project. Instead of creating new tools or web portals, we want to improve the access of existing groups to these technologies. To enforce the use of data-driven tools in particular, it is not enough to provide a download or a website. Instead, institutional users also need the technical and strategic competence to select and use the right analysis methods, visualisation and communication forms for their own work and to integrate them into their organisation in the long term.