Daten machen Schule

    Discover the potential of open data in the classroom

    DatenmachenSchule shows the potential open data in the classroom. The initial idea for the project came from a study published in 2013 on the subject of Open Data by the Fraunhofer Focus Institute:

    “Open administrative data […] in principle holds the chance of a new educational design (Open Educational Resources)”.

    In order to pursue this thesis, a cooperation between the administration of the city of Moers, the Gymnasium Adolfinum, the Rhein-Waal University of Applied Sciences and the Open Knowledge Lab Niederrhein was formed. The findings and experiences developed from this cooperation were collected in and processed in the form of a guide and the corresponding website. Based on feedback from the project, the election results portal and the OffenerHaushalt tool were technically and visually redesigned and loaded with new data in order to facilitate their subsequent use.

    Through the cooperation of pupils, students, teachers, administrative staff, and civil society actors, a unique community around the use of open data in teaching was formed. The resulting digital tools, which would not exist without the initial commitment of the participants, now show in their revised form the opportunities and potentials inherent in the use of open data in the classroom. This is intended to stimulate the use of these tools and the development of new concepts.