Alliance F5

    Civic alliance for a restart in digital policy

    Together with AlgorithmWatch, the Society for Civil Rights, Reporters Without Borders and Wikimedia Germany, we have joined forces in the F5 alliance to advocate for the concerns, ideas and demands of the digital civil society in Germany.

    We are united in the aspiration to ensure democratic digitization built on the pillars of openness and transparency, participation and access, protection of fundamental and human rights, and protection of consumer concerns. Our goal is to put the common good at the heart of digital policy and ensure the future of a democratic digital society. That's why we pool our expertise in the various topic areas of digitization.

    The core of our work is a structured dialog with policymakers on digital policy issues. Together with the Digital Committee of the Bundestag, we hold regular breakfast formats. In the future, we also want to conduct dialog formats with the digital-related ministries. The topics covered so far range from the Digital Services Act, the Transparency Act, Open Data, protection against violence on the Internet, to chat control.