Join The Story Hunt - Uncover the EU!


    'The Story Hunt: Uncover the EU' is a programme hosted by the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany's teams of Datenschule, OpenBudgets, and Together with journalists, analysts, non-profit organisations, developers and designers, we want to develop and apply the skills needed to hunt stories in financial data.

    The Story Hunt is split into two separate parts: a series of Workshops and an Expedition Weekend in Berlin.

    The workshops are tailored to aspiring data journalists and non-profit organisations that are interested in improving their data-literacy skills. They are run by our team and by trusted members of the civic tech community in Germany.

    They will culminate in the weekend-expedition at end of June, where - together with proven experts - we are going to dive into a massive database of the European Union’s primary financial instrument, the ESIFunds.

    During the weekend, we will form interdisciplinary teams that collaboratively work on finding stories, leads, and data analyses around the EU and its money flows. This will offer an ideal opportunity to practice the acquired skills in a supportive environment.

    Find out more about the programme on the website!

    Interested? Join us!