Former members of the board

The following persons were members of the board in the past

Christian Kreutz

Christian Kreutz war einer der Gründungsmitglieder der Open Knowledge Foundation und baute die Organisten in den ersten 3 Jahren, als Vorstandsmitglied und mit einer Reihe von Projekte im Bereich der Finanztransparenz und Bürgerbeteiligung, mit auf. Er arbeitet weiterhin an Open Data Projekten und widmet sich ansonsten vollständig seinem Unternehmen, welches neue Wege im Bereich digitaler Innovation und Open Data geht:

Dr. Marcus Dapp

Dr. Markus Dapp consults institutions and public administrations as the Principal Consultant of the OKF Central (UK). Previously, he initiated the e-participation project MODGy (Munich Open Government Day) as Munich’s IT strategist, which was perceived as a pioneering project and awarded on the EU-level. Around this time, he also helped to found OKF DE. Since more than 10 years Dr. Dapp engages with the design of open digital value chans in a diverse range of different areas and sectors: von Open Source to Open INnovation, from Open Data to Open Government, from Open Access to Free Culture. His understanding is challenged and advanced by the interaction with his students in his lecture series “Digital Sustainability’ at the ETH Zurich, where he did a PhD on the effects of software patents on Open Source Innovation. Dr Dapp is a freelance consultant for economic and political actors and regularly holds talks on national and international events.

Stefan Wehrmeyer

Since 2009 Stefan Wehrmeyer promotes Open Data and he started the Freedom of Information (FOI) portal in 2011.

Stefan works on: