Open Government

Open government is to be understood as a holistic concept for the revitalisation of democracy. Transparent government and administration is fundamental to this. However, the point is not only to make the largest possible amount of data available on- and offline, but also to involve citizens actively in the political process.

The goal of Open Government is to make politics, government, administration and law (i.e. the public sector) more open, transparent, participatory, and cooperative. This requires a new, transparent and collaboratively designed administrative structure.

If Open Government is correctly implemented, it will lead to a sustainable change of poltical culture in the mid to long term. The existing culture of political participation, which encourages involvement only around election dates, will develop into a collaborative culture between government and society. A move towards Open Government provides the foundation for countering political apathy and the often negative culture of protest. The federal government stands only to benefit from such a development.

We support international efforts in this area as well, such as the Open Government Partnership.

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