Open Science

Open Science covers the strategies and processes needed to make all aspects of the scientific process openly accessible and re-usable by making use of the potential offered by the digital age. More access will allow the scientific community as well as businesses and society at large to interact with and make use of scientific discoveries.

The German-speaking chapter of the OKF »Open Science« working group

A German Open Science team was founded on 16.7.2014 as part of the OKFestival in Berlin. The goal of the group is to connect activists in the domain of open science as well as furthering the development of legal frameworks for the publication of research results. Additionally, the group is meant to coordinate the development of other international open science groups and to serve as a contact point for researchers, institutions, NGO members, economists and politicians interested in questions related to open science.

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Mission statement of the Open Science AG

For the international Open Access Week 2014, members of the Open Science have published the following mission statement (version 1.0). Read it here in German.