P2PU Meetup Berlin

3. November 2011 in Deutschland, Termine

P2PU crew will be back to Berlin for the 2011 Workshop. On 10 Nov they are hosting a meetup that is open to the public. They’d love to see as much of the Berlin free culture / hacker / edupunk crew as possible there.

Please help spread the word, here’s the event page where attendees should RSVP:


  • P2PU Meetup Berlin
  • Thursday, 10 November 2011, 18:30
  • Supermarkt Berlin
  • 64 Brunnenstraße, Berlin, DE 13355

ABOUT P2PU – http://p2pu.org

The Peer 2 Peer University is a grassroots open education project that organizes learning outside of institutional walls and gives learners recognition for their achievements. P2PU creates a model for lifelong learning alongside traditional formal higher education. Leveraging the internet and educational materials openly available online, P2PU enables high-quality low-cost education opportunities.

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